Seduce your clients,
their hearts and wallets

Learn how to write your website, emails to clients

and social media to multiply your earnings


Get more clicks, more sales, more money, by using the right words.​​​​

You can't let clients pass you by, 

just because you don't know...  

How to call their attention

How to talk to them

How to start a relationship...

Your product is unique and you rule your town. Learn how to show it in your webpage, in your emails, in your social media posts.


Let your clients fall in love with your product...

I know how you feel.

I was there too. It took me years of studying to understand what was it, that I was doing wrong.


It seems they don't read. It seems they don't care. And when you stop, they come and say "why didn't you tell?"…. Man, I was yeeeeelling it… why didn't you listen???…

But it's not their fault. It's our fault.


We should learn how to take our message across. We are drowning in a nonsense sea and we need to learn how to swim. Hard.  To the shore. With our message.


In Copywriting 101 course, I'll teach you to swim.


With words.


In your emails, in your website, in your social media.


And we're gonna swim hard.


By the end of the course, you'll be able to write deliberate content, with engaging style that'll sweep your clients off their feet... 

Pretty websites don't convert. Smart words do.


You'll get more clients, more clics, more sales. 

Boring, cliche and overall sucky copy will kill your business. 


Creative Multipassionate Entrepreneur -

In Copywriting 101 you´ll learn:

- How to write to your ideal client. Specific techniques to find out what makes her clic. What topics arise her attention. How to kindle her emotions.  So she'll be inescapably attracted to your every word.


- The best proven Copywriting formulas. The same ones that successfully help build business empires. Sailing through the tides of time and more valid than ever. So without effort and in the shortest time, you can write an effective message for any of your media outlets.


- How to improve your written style. We all can write. Some of us just need some tweaking to make our texts perfect. And I mean, hot perfect. With hush-hush tricks of the trade, you can make that happen too. So your text will be a delightful experience your clients will love to indulge in.


- How to write all your webpages. Engaging home pages. Tempting product pages. Friendly About Me pages. Delightful landing pages.  So your website will be a clients' magnet, and not a must-have-I-don't-know-what-for expense in your business.

- How to compose most seductive and easy to read blog posts for Content Marketing, SEO and branding. So you'll grow as a brand, organically. And you´ll be known as an authority in your field.


- How to promote your content and your business through social media. So you'll get  more customers from all the sources you want.


- How to write the most captivating and enticing emails that your clients will open at first sight. So you'll talk about your brand and your products while establishing strong relationships with your clients.  

Every lesson is an actionable advice that you can implement right away. And the whole system helps you make more money out of your business just by learning how to allure your clients with words. 

You´ll find uniquely interesting my…

Superchared Signature Formula 

for Distracted Prospects

To be used in the sea of nonsense we are swimming in. 

The Fairy Dust Technique 

To magically turn your words into seductive client's traps (good traps though)

 The heavy weight excercises to muscle up your texts 

To boost credibility, authority and to write texts your readers and clients will talk about. 

The butcher's way to keep clients 

And stop boring them to tears and chasing them away *with knife in hand and all*. 

 The ¨Quick coffee method for captivating emails¨ 

That your readers will rave about and fervently wait for. 

The ¨Oscar goes to approach¨  

To write memorable lines everywhere. 

 The Captain Hook way of sailing the high seas  

To get attention in every piece you write for your client. 

The "heart of the party" effect

To get your readers feel that you're just that kind of person they'd love to hang out with at a party. 

Killer copy is the backbone of marketing.


Marketing Guru -

After taking Copywriting 101 you´ll be able to

Write with confidence, being sure of every strategic message you send, knowing exactly what to say at every step of your journey with your client. 

No more hired writers delivering unsavory and awfully boring chunks of text only, *only Miss Patterson from the library could read*.  

No more high dollars Copywriters that deliver right-upper-lip-side-up mehhh copy.


No more going around and around in your head with no ideas and a blank page mocking at you.


No more asking what to post on Facebook to the designer you usually bump into on your way to get coffee.

No more paid ads that get no clicks because they grab no attention.


No more lame emails' open rates that you're ashamed to admit to your therapist.

Can you image how it would be like…

To earn more money just because you know how to be persuasive?

To build long lasting ties with clients that hang at your words and gobble up anything you produce?

To get your posts liked, commented and shared like wildfire? 

To be appreciated by happy customers turned raving fans that pass along the "illumination" you are?

To know exactly what to write to your email list and do it in 20 minutes?

To rise as an authority in your field just because you know how to put your knowledge into words?

To boost your contribution to society by virtue of knowing how to write about it?

To be free from everyone else's time and schedule to get accross your business' messages?

To sell out everything you put out? And to know you will always be able to do that?

To train your team on the specific strategic message you know will work?

Because… words make money. Make fame. Make businesses.

Just do it … right?


  • 1
    You sign up for the course 
  • 2
    You study the material at your own pace
  • 3
    You get my personal feedback on 5 assignments. *Whenever you´re ready to send them in!*
  • 4
    Your clients fall for your porduct, your brand and you, cutie-pie.

Copy​writing 101 Course

What makes Copywriting 101

the only course of its kind?

  • 60 Video lesson on Copywriting that total 4 hours of classes. You can gobble them up at once or taste them slowly like the first summer ice cream
  • check
    5 assignments that I will personally evaluate and comment on. With insightful advice on what to improve and how. You can send them when you feel ready. 
  • check
    30 practice exercises with autocorrect reference for your own evaluation. .
  • Audio and transcript versions of all the classes to boost your commute or to make your run-every-day resolution a little less pain in the thighs. 
  • Real world examples throughout all the course to make it more palpable and easy to grasp.
  • Follow up through emails. Also known as hand holding. We all need our teacher to do a little life coaching too. And while I´m not a life coach, I know that empty room feeling of the regular self taught courses. You won´t feel that here. I do appreciate you taking my course and I won´t leave you alone.
  • Lifetime access so you can revisit all the lessons anytime you need a refreshment or a little pick-me-up *no alcohol will be provided though, nor banned either -- company policy*

I've written single emails that have generated millions of dollars. 

And I’ve used copy to grow my business year after year .


Marketing Guru -

​Why Copywriting 101 will transform your life...

This is an investment you make on yourself. On your skills. On your future and security. No one will ever take it away from you. On the contrary, it will only grow. Because it's a path and Copywriting 101 is the perfect first step to take. 

You'll never read another marketing text without analysing it, criticizing it and shredding it to pieces.  You'll be able to model every good piece of writing you encounter and apply it on your own material. 


Inside the Copywriting theories, lays the bare bones of Marketing. So, if  you master these theories and techniques, you'll develop a stronger marketing mind. And this, is worth it all.


Copywriting will transform your life. Writing in a persuasive and attractive way will make you a better business person and a smart entrepreneur. Only few ones realize the power that words have to move the world and set off to learn how to use them effectively. Be one of them.

You'll never be the same after this course.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

 If you're still undecided whether this course is for you or not, there is 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

If  you go through all the lessons and send all the assignments, and you still feel your skill at writing didn't improve exponentially, I'll reimburse your money.

Now is the time to gain the skill that'll make you earn more money - “Copywriting 101”


Buts….. (not butts)

-What if I don't have a business but I work with clients that need Copywriting? Will this course be useful for me?

Yes, it'll be useful as long as your're not an expert Copywriter. But if you're a designer, a digital marketer, a community manager, this course will be useful for you till its last drop.


- What if I don't have a website but I do want to learn how to start writing to my clients?


Well, if you're planning on asking your client's emails (even written on a yellow pad over your counter), you can benefit from this course big time. You might as well plan to open a social media profile or take the plunge and build a simple website. In that case, it'll be useful too. But, if you just plan on sending SMS to your clients, this course might be a little too much.  

-Is this a grammar or literacy course? Will you be covering those topics?

Not at all. And I like to see myself as quite the rebel grammar-wise. Starting sentences with conjunctions like the former one and all. This is a course that teaches how to write words that sell. And if we need to strip to sell, well then. (And no, this is not a stripper's course either. That is a course I'm planning to give in the fall).

- How many hours does this course take up? I have a full time job, and a house to run, unruly kids to raise and a moanful husband to endure. Will I be able to keep up? Does the exercises have a deadline?

This course can be taken as quickly or slowly as you prefer. Some people like to learn topics spread out in different days or weeks, some are anxious and want to learn everything in one go. There are 5 works that I'll give you personal feedback on. You send them whenever you want and as long as my sight allows me to read. (Well, if that happens, I'll get an assistant, like Borges. I might even end up marrying him thanks to you).

-I'm not a writer. Can I take this course?

This course is just for you. And even if you're a writer, this course is for anyone willing to learn how to write words that sell, that persuade and get attention. Copywriting can be learnt. And it's up to you how proficiency you can get at it.

Who should not buy this course?

Advanced Copywriters looking to hone in their skills. This is a course that starts from scratch. And as much as I love to teach and talk about the nitty gritty of the trade, we can not do it in this space. There'll be more advanced courses in the future. Just subscribe to any of my free material and I'll let you know in time.

People expecting me to write their material. I will correct your texts but it'll be based on your material. Anyhow,  if you follow this course step by step, you'll never need any one else to write your texts for you. You'll even get snob and condescending to everybody else's lame attempts to write your texts.

How much money are you leaving on the road because you don't know how to Copywrite?

You are the person that better understands your business, and how valuable your product is. 

Don't let the opportunity to really show it pass you by.

Now is the time to learn Copywriting.

"Copywriting is one of the best skills any entrepreneur can master. Let me help you learn it.”

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